Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
The Governance framework of Bank Audi aims at increasing its long-term value by promoting continuity, consistency and effectiveness in the way the Board operates and governs the Bank.

Committees of the Board

Read more about the Board of Directors' members, committees and meetings.
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Group Sharia Supervisory Board

Meet the Bank's Sharia Supervisory Board.
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Board of Directors and Group Executive Committee

A detailed outline of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Committee and Support Functions' members.
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Consolidated Activity Highlights

as at End-March 2018
• US$ 43.5Bn of assets
• US$ 32.2Bn of customers’ deposits
• US$ 4.3Bn of shareholders’ equity
• US$ 114Mio of net profits
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Closing Price

As at 19 Jul 2018
Bk Audi GDR Beirut $5.10 0.00%
Bk Audi Ordinary $5.05 0.00%
Bk Audi GDR London $5.10 0.00%
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Audi Research

Our research activities now cover the Group's various countries of presence within the Middle East and North Africa region.

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