Mr. Tamer M. Ghazaleh
Group Chief Financial Officer

Tamer Ghazaleh joined Bank Audi in 2004 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Jordan Branches, in charge of the Finance and Administration Departments there. In march 2006, Mr. Tamer Ghazaleh moved to Bank Audi EGYPT where he became assistant General Manager and CFO, bringing a significant contribution to the expansion of the bank’s activities in Egypt and to the establishment of its strong financial pillars, and then to Deputy Group CFO at Head Office in Beirut in June 2014, and to Group CFO in March 2015.

Throughout his career at Bank Audi, Tamer Ghazaleh was a key contributor to the development and adaptation of the Bank’s financial management to its complex needs and expansion plans, mobilizing adequate human resources for financial management and making use of advanced integrated information technology to align the Bank to international best practice in financial management and reporting, and to abide by the evolving International Financial Reporting Standards.

Prior to joining Bank Audi, Tamer Ghazaleh worked with Deloitte and Touch M.E. (Jordan and UAE) for three years and with Standard Chartered Bank in Jordan (where he held the position of CFO and member of the Executive, Risk, and ALCO committees) for three years.

Tamer Ghazaleh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Jordan (1998) and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program at the Harvard Business School (2009).