Mr. Mouayed C. Makhlouf
General Manager

Mouayed C. Makhlouf joined Bank Audi in August 2019 as a General Manager and a member of the Group Executive Committee with primary focus on the regional corporate business as well as the various special initiatives within the Group.

Prior to joining Bank Audi Mouayed Makhlouf was the Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group. He was responsible for IFC's investments and advisory programs in more than 20 countries, with over 240 staff with an aim to support economic development across the region through private sector investments.

Mouayed Makhlouf was previously a Manager in the Financial Institutions Group responsible for IFC’s investments in all the financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa region.

He joined IFC in Washington DC in 1998. He then relocated to several locations and covered a large number of markets including MENA, Turkey, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Mouayed Makhlouf holds a Master of Science degree in Finance from George Washington University in Washington, DC.