Samir N. Hanna
Chairman – General Manager and Group Chief Executive Officer

Age: 74 – Lebanon
Director since August 1990
Term expires at the 2022 annual General Assembly of shareholders
  • Executive Director
  • Chairman of the Group Executive Committee
  • Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee
Samir Hanna is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Audi Group. He joined Bank Audi in January 1963 and held several managerial and executive positions across various departments of the Bank. He was appointed General Manager of Bank Audi in 1986 and member of its Board of Directors in 1990. In the early 1990s, he initiated and managed the restructuring and expansion strategy of Bank Audi, transforming it into a strong banking powerhouse offering universal banking products and services including Corporate, Commercial, Retail, Investment and Private Banking.

He grew the Bank to its current position as the largest bank in Lebanon (and among the top 20 Arab banking groups), with a presence in 11 countries, consolidated assets exceeding USD 47 billion and consolidated deposits exceeding USD 32 billion.

Samir Hanna was elected Chairman of the Board of Bank Audi sal, succeeding Mr. Raymond Audi, on 10 April 2017. He is also the Chairman of Odea Bank A.Ş., Bank Audi’s subsidiary in Turkey, and member of the Board of Directors of several other affiliates of Bank Audi.

As Group Chief Executive Officer, he heads all aspects of the Bank’s Executive Management. bsp;