Audi Investment Bank sal

Audi Investment Bank s.a.l. is the Group’s Investment Banking entity. The Bank is the result of the merger of 3 entities (“Audi Investment Bank sal”, “Lebanon Invest sal” and “Saradar Investment House sal”), and benefits from the status of a specialized bank conferred by virtue of Law 22/67.
In addition to a set of particular activities such as Long-Term Deposits and Financing, Audi Investment Bank s.a.l. is also active in the overall business of Investment Banking, mainly in Financial Engineering, Mergers and Acquisitions, Market Activities, Corporate Banking and OPA, as well as structured products, among others.
Audi Investment Bank s.a.l. has achieved many milestones, both at the level of issuing  to its own benefit and when it comes to trading at primary and secondary markets  to its customers. The Bank has also directly helped Bank Audi sal play an incontestable leading role in the development of Capital Markets in Lebanon.

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