Bank Audi Perpetuates its Social Media Advocacy with an Online Fawazir Ramadan Series.

Beirut, 15 Sep 2011
In line with Bank Audi’s strategy and its belief in the importance of social media to communicate with the new generation and the Lebanese Diaspora through the internet, and as an advocate of technology and new ways of promoting traditional events, Bank Audi sponsored Fawazir Ramadan series launched by ArabNet throughout August 2011.

The Online Fawazir is an innovative Arabic new media campaign remembering past and present great Arab figures, with a totally modern twist. The campaign consisted of a series of webisodes in Arabic, solely broadcasted online. The web series was meant to expand the Arab web community by emphasizing the region’s intellectual potential through a new modern way. Indeed, the microsite was a success with 12,900 visits in one month.

Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Group Head of Electronic Banking & Cards Services at Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group, said on this occasion: “It is always interesting to support and be involved in new methods and new ideas”, underlining that “it is a real pleasure to be able to reach all the Arab community members no matter where they live and make them realize that the Arab world has many great minds.”

Several social media channels such as YouTube (a total of 7,519 views), Facebook and Twitter were used to reach out to young Arabs, no matter where they lived. The answer came out very positive with the high number of the microsite visitors from Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2 of the largest online markets in the region. The top 9 countries that generated the most visits were: 1- Egypt, 2- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 3- Lebanon, 4- Jordan, 5- USA, 6- UAE, 7- Morocco, 8- Algeria, 9- Kuwait.

The viewers who followed the web series and answered the riddle correctly on Fawazir ArabNet Microsite had the chance to win valuable cash prizes sponsored by Bank Audi. Accordingly, 10 MasterCard prepaid cards loaded with USD 400 up to USD 1,000 were awarded to different winners from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on their ranking.

This sponsorship came as an extension to the steps Bank Audi had already taken in the social media domain. As a first move towards online media, Bank Audi posted its Loubnani TVC on YouTube, with skyrocketing comments and reviews and 16,461 views so far. Right after, Facebook Fan Page was launched allowing people to share their thoughts and opinions.

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