Corporate Values

Bank Audi’s long-standing and solid commitment to its core values is built around Transparency, Human Capital, Heritage, Quality, Civic Role and Innovation.

Human Capital

Among several competitive strengths that consolidate the Bank’s leading position, Human Capital remains its most solid foundation and valuable asset. It will always be a cornerstone in its expansion and modernization strategy, and a major pillar at the heart of its success.


Bank Audi is committed to service excellence and impeccable quality in all aspects of the business, where employees play an essential role in providing clients with an unmatched banking experience.


Capitalizing on a rich heritage, Bank Audi is committed to pursue strong and sustainable growth. The Bank perpetuates its reputation and solid past while embracing the challenges change brings.

Civic Role

For Bank Audi, any thriving institution is responsible towards the community in which it exists and operates. Driven by a genuine concern for social welfare and development, the Bank firmly believes in community service and development.


The Bank’s success largely depends on maintaining and safeguarding stakeholders’ trust through open communication channels and transparent dialogue based on fairness, respect and professionalism.


The Bank encourages creativity and promotes the use of technology. Considering the potential of value-added innovation, the Bank constantly raises the standards of performance to meet and exceed expectations.

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