Grand Opening for Odea Bank, Bank Audi's Subsidiary in Turkey

Beirut, 16 Jan 2013
  • Mr. Samir Hanna, Bank Audi’s Group CEO, amid Dr. Freddie Baz, Group Chief Financial Officer and Strategy Director (right) and Mr. Hüseyin Özkaya, Odea Bank’s General Manager (left).
  • Mr. Samir Hanna, Bank Audi’s Group CEO
  • Mr. Hüseyin Özkaya, Odea Bank’s General Manager
Odea Bank A.Ş., the fully owned Turkish subsidiary of Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group, marked the official launch of its operations in Turkey on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

Odea Bank, the first foreign bank to be granted an operating license by the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency in 15 years, obtained its license in September 2012.
In only two months’ time, the Bank managed to open 6 branches, win over 1500 customers and build customers’ deposits reaching TL 2.5 billion (over USD 1.4 billion), which translated into assets reaching TL 3.6 billion (over USD 2 billion).
Its ultimate goal is to play in the giants league in 2017.

In a press conference held at Çirağan Palace under the theme “We are starting!”, Samir Hanna, Bank Audi’s Group CEO, and Hüseyin Özkaya, Odea Bank’s General Manager, explained the Bank’s short and medium-term targets.

Samir Hanna seized the opportunity to emphasize that “Turkey was a right investment decision and that it will be one of the locomotive countries in the growth of Audi Saradar Group.”
Stating that the Group operates in 11 countries and outlining the figures achieved by Odea Bank within two months, he added: “It was a right growth strategy to choose Turkey for investment purposes. The figures reached by Odea Bank in two months are a live proof of the pertinent choice we made. Over the last decade, Turkey’s progress can be a solid example in terms of growth pace and stability. Furthermore, Turkish banking regulations have become a model of reliability in the latest crisis. Investing in Turkey, which is swiftly becoming an important financial center, definitely proved to be a relevant decision for our Group.”
Hanna concluded: “Our aim is to grow in the domestic market and to contribute to the growth of the business volume between Turkey and the Middle East, with all the advantages this entails.”

Hüseyin Özkaya said: “We have completed a challenging process in which we were closely monitored following our application for a license in June 2012. Today, we are taking firm steps forward and breaking new grounds in the Turkish banking sector. In 2013, we aim at growing in the domestic and foreign markets by virtue of Turkey’s important position. We believe that 2013 will witness the enhancement of Odea Bank’s domestic recognition and highlight its reliability.”
He added: “We currently have 6 branches in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. Our aim for 2013 is to reach 32 branches and a headcount of 1000 employees. At Odea Bank, our biggest advantage is a young, dynamic, ambitious, success-oriented team backed by the support of our shareholders.” Özkaya also underlined Odea Bank’s continuous search for perfection with the purpose of reaching top level customer satisfaction. To achieve that, the Bank has equipped all its branches with top of the range technologies in a way to enhance quick quality service, and has opted for recruiting the most experienced and specialised personnel in the sector.

The opening was celebrated during a reception held at Çirağan Palace and attended by more than 1000 invitees including official, business, art and social figures.
Entertainment was provided by contemporary soul music artist Seal who offered guests memorable moments in the context of outstanding stage shows by Pixel Poi and Escala Show.

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