Bank Audi Announces New Brand Identity

26 Oct 2015
  • Rabyeh branch exterior rebranding.
  • Sodeco branch interior rebranding.
Bank Audi has announced the launch of its new brand identity which is currently being implemented throughout the Bank.

The decision to refresh Bank Audi’s corporate look is the fruit of an in-depth analysis which, in turn, is a direct consequence of the Bank’s sound expansion overseas and rising positioning as one of the leading regional banking groups. The ultimate objective is to optimize the relationship with customers through a revived corporate image which reflects leadership and flexibility.

Commenting on the new identity, Mr. Jean Traboulsi, Head of Marketing and Communications at Bank Audi, underlined the Bank’s “aim to evolve its identity in a way to reflect the image of the leading universal regional bank that we’ve become. Building on the Audi heritage, this step by step process will be implemented steadily and surely to allow for different audiences and markets to identify with us whenever they step into one of our branches or be exposed to any of our touch points.”

The new Bank Audi brand identity showcases a flexible visual language that creates a synergy between all the Bank’s communications platforms, adapting to all aspects of communication and design.
The graphic language inspires complete flexibility: its multifunctional brand expression changes shape to address different audiences with one consistent message; its different image variations featuring three main pillars referring to Private Banking, Business Banking and Personal Banking, form one coherent component. The graphic device, although very diverse, gives the Bank Audi brand a dynamism which fits in the institution’s various communication executions, from graphic to interior design.
This echoes the Bank’s branch revamping project which was designed to facilitate customers’ branch experience within a contemporary atmosphere where work flows smoothly and efficiently.

Combining the Bank’s way of working with its customers and the impact it has on them, the new “Audi way” says that Bank Audi is human but professional, responsible but smart, stylish but practical, and innovative yet deeply rooted in values that have become the Bank’s trademark.
This resourceful approach to brand image, which has set customer satisfaction as a key priority, is one of many testimonies of the Bank’s now famed motto, “Grow Beyond Your Potential”.

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