News about the Potential Relocation of Audi Group’s Headquarters

10 May 2016


There have been some press reports regarding the potential relocation of the Group’s headquarters outside Lebanon.


Bank Audi wishes to clarify the following:

  • No decision has been made by Bank Audi regarding such matter.
  • If and when a decision is made, in keeping with its disclosure policy and applicable legal requirements, Bank Audi will make an announcement. Until that time, any discussion is pure speculation.
  • Bank Audi regularly considers strategic options to enhance shareholders’ value and benefit its other constituencies, especially its clients.
  • As the largest banking group in Lebanon, Bank Audi is keen to continuously strengthen its leadership in Lebanon which is at the core of its franchise and success. Lebanon is the main development pillar of the Group under the sound regulation and efficient supervision of the Central Bank of Lebanon.

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