Bank Audi LLC

Bank Audi LLC is a fully-owned subsidiary of Bank Audi sal that engages in Regulated Activities from its offices in the Qatar Financial Center (QFC).
Today, Bank Audi LLC has a capital of US$ 50 million and carries out the following activities as defined by the QFC: Deposit Taking, Dealing in Investments, Arranging Deals in Investments, Providing Credit Facilities, Arranging Credit Facilities, Providing Custody Services, Arranging the Provision of Custody Services and Advising on Investments.
Through its presence in Qatar, Bank Audi sal aims to benefit from the country’s rapid economic boom and that of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region at large, strongly positioning the Group within the context of very promising economic and financial prospects.
As a matter of fact, Bank Audi LLC complements the Group’s already established presence in the region through a representative office in Abu Dhabi and an investment company in Saudi Arabia: Audi Capital.

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