Transaction on Shares and GDRs

Beirut, 18 Jan 2010
Bank Audi sal – Audi Saradar Group announces that a group of its existing shareholders, as well as a number of other high net worth individuals and entities investing directly or through investment vehicles, purchased today the 7,554,148 common shares and 2,483,034 GDRs of Bank Audi, previously owned by EFG-Hermes Holding SAE and its subsidiaries at a price of US$ 91 per share and GDR, for a total purchase price of US$ 913,383,562. The transaction took place today on the Beirut Stock Exchange.

Following the transaction, none of the purchasers individually own 5% or more of the common shares of the Bank.

Dr. Marwan Ghandour, Vice-Chairman of the Bank stated: “Bank Audi is grateful for the support provided by EFG-Hermes as a shareholder of the Bank. Bank Audi welcomes the participation of the purchasers in its capital”.

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