Ms. Sherine R. Audi
General Manager and Board Member of Bank Audi France

Age:58 Lebanon
Director since April 2017
Term expires at the 2022 annual General Assembly of shareholders
●Executive Director
●Member of the Compliance/AML/CFT Board Committee
Sherine Audi is the General Manager of Bank Audi France sa (“BAF”), the French subsidiary of the Bank. She started her banking career in 1980 at BAF, now a fully owned subsidiary of Bank Audi sal. She held several positions there, including in credit, business development, operations and administration, while gradually climbing the corporate ladder. She was appointed Assistant General Manager in 1995, then Executive Director in 2000, and Director – General Manager since 2010. In this capacity, she is now in charge of the development and implementation of the strategy of BAF, as approved by the Board. She heads all the executive aspects of BAF’s activity and drives its strategic transformations (including technological and regulatory ones) as required by the current market rules and practices.

She also acts as the representative of BAF towards the French banking authorities and professional organisations.

Sherine Audi holds a diploma of Certified Director (by Sciences Po. Paris, jointly with the French Institute of Directors).