Member of Factors Chain International (a global network of leading factoring companies that aim to facilitate international trade through factoring and related financial services), Solifac is the first factoring company established in Lebanon.

Clients can assign their receivables to Solifac which, in turn, shall finance them, collect them on their behalf, manage them - through rigorous credit assessment of buyer’s risk, tougher collection techniques, daily follow-up and reporting - and cover the insolvency risk in case of non-recourse factoring.

Three parties are involved: the client who sells the good or the service, the debtor who purchases it and the factoring company or Solifac. The company provides many types of factoring services that are mainly domestic, when both buyer and seller are located in Lebanon, and international when the importer or the exporter is a foreigner.

Factoring can also be classified as recourse factoring, when the company has recourse on both the main client and his debtors, and non-recourse factoring, when the company has recourse on the debtor alone. The non-recourse factoring is usually applied when the debtor is of better credit rating than the original client.

Solifac deals with all types of companies of all industries with recurrent receivables. However, it has a keen interest in agencies with the following profile: undercapitalized companies with limited access to bank financing, yet holding a good portfolio of receivables; companies with superior financing needs, namely easy and quick access to cash; companies with long receivables such as hospitals and medical equipment dealers; last but not least, companies with recurrent receivables on the government or government-related entities.