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    Partnerships create new opportunities. We create partnerships.
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    Communities foster individuals. We foster communities.
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    Growth drives people. We drive growth.
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    Technology leads to development. We lead on technology.
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Closing Price

As at 23 Oct 2018
Bk Audi GDR Beirut $4.99 -0.20%
Bk Audi Ordinary $4.90 +0.20%
Bk Audi GDR London $4.90 0.00%
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In The News

    • 18 Oct 2018
      Results of Extraordinary General Meeting held on October 17, 2018
    • 27 Sep 2018
      Information Statement relating to the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting
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Consolidated Activity Highlights

As at End-June 2018
• US$ 44.9billion in total assets
• US$ 31.3billion of total customers' deposits
• US$ 14.6billion of total loans to customers
• US$ 4.0billion of total shareholders’ equity
• US$ 265million of net profits in the first half of 2018

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