The following table sets out the composition of the holders of the Common Shares as at December 31, 2019:

of Shareholders
(Ultimate Economic Ownership )
Percentage Ownership (1)
FRH Investment Holding SAL Lebanon 9.65%
Audi Family(2) Lebanon 6.90%
Family of Late Sheikha Suad Hamad Al Saleh Al Homaizi Kuwait 6.04%
Sheikh Dhiab Bin Zayed Al-Nehayan United Arab Emirates 4.97%
Al Sabah Family(2) Kuwait 4.73%
Akig Investment Holdings Ltd Iraq 3.69%
Ali Ghassan El Merhebi Family Lebanon 3.35%
Al Hobayeb Family(2) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2.55%
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD 2.51%
International Finance Corporation IFC 2.50%
Said El-Khoury Family Lebanon 2.22%
Kel Group Lebanon 2.15%
Mohammed Bin Dhoheyan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Dhoheyan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2.01%
Executives and Employees(3) Lebanon 3.29%
Others 13.51%
Global Depositary Receipts (“GDRs”) (4) 29.93%
Total shareholding (5)   100.00%
1) Percentage ownership figures represent Common Shares owned by the named Shareholders and are expressed as a percentage of the total number of Common Shares issued and outstanding.

2) The Audi Family, Al Sabah Family, and Al-Hobayeb Family include the following members of the Board
(i) Marc Jean Audi and Sherine Raymond Audi
(ii) Mariam Nasser Sabah Al Nasser Al Sabah
(iii) Abdullah Al Hobayeb, respectively.

3) Excluding members of the Audi family accounted for in a separate row above.

4) GDRs represent common shares held by “The Bank of New York Mellon” as a holder of record in its capacity as depositary under the Bank’s GDR Program.
In addition to the ownership of Common shares mentioned above, 12.47 % of the Bank’s Common Shares are held through GDRs by each of  FRH Investment Holding s.a.l. (including by its controlling shareholder), The Audi Family, The Family of Late Sheikha Suad H. Al Homaizi, Sheikh Dhiab Bin Zayed Al-Nehayan, the Al-Hobayeb Family and Mohammed Bin Dhoheyan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Dhoheyan. (respectively, 2.30%, 0.92%, 1.81%, 3.13%, 2.44% and 1.87%). Information on GDR ownership is based on self-declarations (pursuant to applicable Lebanese regulations) as GDR ownership is otherwise anonymous to Bank Audi.

5) As at the date hereof, the total number of common shares was 399,749,204. The Bank (and its affiliates) is the custodian of shares and/or GDRs representing 71.80% of the Bank’s Common Shares.

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